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Welcome to the site of author Maynard Michael Clark.  

NEWS: My third book, Hauntingly Painful, Wonderfully Beautiful is out and available for purchase through and

Among a pile of books at a yard sale, seventeen year old Azlyn finds someone’s personal journal. At the suggestion of her best friend Sutherland, she goes on a journey to return the journal to its owner. The more Azlyn dives into the journal, the more desperate she becomes to find its owner, as the pages contain thoughts seemingly plucked from her own mind.

As she attempts to find the mystery writer, Azlyn begins to discover things about herself that she isn’t fully prepared to deal with. Will she have the strength to try to find the writer or will the darkness of her inner world consume her?

Hauntingly Painful, Wonderfully Beautiful captures how the darkest parts of us can also be the most beautiful.

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